Hello out there…

Welcome to my new web page. High demand and encouragement from many has finally outspoken my own (unexplained) deep resistance to creating a personal/ professional/ creative website/ blog whatever you would like to call  it. After coming up with countless reasons for myself why I didn’t want to blog, (time, who would want to read it, i don’t want to be just another blogger, my grammar sucks.. etc.) I finally began to ask myself what wouldn’t be positive about blogging. Being a Taurus.. (i.e- extremely stubborn) I began to realize that blogging and creating a little Kinley spot on the world wide web was kind of an exciting prospect.

For family, friends, clients and beyond…  to share my professional services, document my personal adventures and photos as well as provide myself with a reason to write! Journaling on paper has proven to be an activity that I try/ wish/ attempt to do but hasn’t yet become something that I do even semi-regularly. Editing and sharing my photos on the other hand has brought me much satisfaction as well a creative outlet. Looking back over years of adventures in my photo library I think of all the stories and little moments that have gone with the images. To think of 5, 10, 30+  years down the road with hopefully many more adventures to come… how nice it wold be to look back and read of the minute details and stories that make the memories so rich.

So… Mom, Dad, Geordie and all of you’s who regularly ask me…

“where have you been?”

“how was Australia, Waddington, Whitecap… etc..?”

“are you back for a while?”

here you  go!!

3 thoughts on “Hello out there…

  1. I would expect nothing less from you! A brilliant little blog. It’s so pretty! I can’t wait for the first post. Waddington!!!

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