about me


Guide by day, chef by night… or is it the other way around?

Summer- If I am not guiding the Chief or teaching the art and subtleties of climbing granite, I can be found climbing the Chief or trying to learn the subtleties of granite climbing!

Winter- If I am not whipping up 3 meals a day in a backcountry lodge full of hungry ski tourers, and skiing all day with the guests.. I will be found ski touring with friends and canine pals while spending evenings in the kitchen playing with food and creating meals for family and friends.

I like to work and explore other industries when I find time such as Industrial Rope Access, entertainment rigging, mountain safety and doing my best to ‘act’ natural in front of the camera for movie and T.V stunts.

Growing up on Vancouver’s North Shore and spending my first 15 years on the ocean sailing and boating with family as well as competing in competitive sports.. my focused changed… intrigue and inclination for mountain adventure.  After an introduction to the many facets of mountain travel through the Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training (C.O.L.T) and studying and obtaining a diploma in Shiatsu Therapy.. the seasonal cycle of play and work began. Working as a rafting guide on many rivers of B.C’s coastal range during the summer and winters as a masseuse in some of B.C’s premiere heli-skiing and cat-skiing lodges I had the opportunity to ski and paddle the peaks and rivers in some of the most breathtaking and remote mountainous regions through our amazing province. Over time, with new interests and opportunities my seasonal cycle of work and play morphed into what it is now, traveling and climbing during the spring and fall.

I feel fortunate to be able to do what I love for work and share my passions with others all year round- I believe a passion for your work shines through to those you are working with. I live in Squamish B.C and love it for all it has to offer. No matter where you turn there is an adventure waiting to be had; world class rock climbing, mountain biking, trail running and hiking, kite surfing, river boating, the list goes on and on. I truly love living in a community such as Squamish full of motivated, diverse families and individuals whom share a common love and passion for our natural surroundings. sunshine dihedral


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