The Nose. A fine distraction from reno land.

We moved over the granite, meticulously but keeping pace. Travelling upwards smoothly and carefully in the warm sunlight of an early October afternoon. We chatted about boys, work, winter plans, pausing our conversation once in a while to focus on a move or turning our heads to admire our oceanfront town of Squamish. A solo evening lap on the Chief was a perfect way to unwind after a few weeks straight of remote work away from the rock.

Earlier in the day I had come back into cell range after two weeks of private catering work in the North Harrison region.

I texted Hannah, “climb Chief?”


Hannah and I had previously shared our thoughts of climbing the Nose to each other and had played with the idea of teaming up but we hadn’t yet made the daydreams into a concrete plan. Our meeting to climb the Chief was in a way a meeting to discuss business. Eventually somewhere above the enchanted forest the conversation turned to the Nose and the time came to commit. We planned on late October. I would be just finishing up 6 weeks straight of work and Hannah just finishing a rope access course and subsequent work. It was ideal in the fact that neither of us would be in top shape, but both of us would be thoroughly ready to let loose some of our pent up energy.

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